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You may already know that HTHT has been inspired by the Bauhaus movement since we started our shop in Dalston, London in 2010. Inspired by the design and people who where innovative and tried to create beautiful designs affordable for all. This year Bauhaus celebrates 100 Years from when it started in 1919.

We as makers, designers, thinkers, researchers and doers have in the years learnt about the realities of production and especially working within the realms of fair trade and ethical sustainable design in the fashion industry and how important it is that there are people who question and work outside of the ordinary and conventional business models to create a catalyst for change.

We feel, that it is important to take a moment, reflect and look back and see what we are doing and where we are heading. Through the people we have collaborated with and our customers, we have experienced some wonderful movements and changes in the development of ethical and sustainable fashion design and working with fair trade artisans in Nepal. There is still a long way to go, but with organisations such as Fashion Revolution or the dedicated trade show, Neonyt, people are pulling strengths together to work for progress and change globally.

HTHT is taking some time and space to think plan and reconstruct our existing patterns in order to make way for new projects. Whatever form they take, we will let you know, but for now we would like to thank you, we have thrived from all your support and Here Today Here Tomorrow is looking forward to staying in touch with what the future will bring.

In the mean time enjoy your spring and summer in 2019, may it be fruitful and full of delights :)

ethical fashion

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin 2018

Happy New Year Everyone!

For us it has been so far so good, we have just been in Berlin to exhibit our AW18 knitwear collection and launched our jewellery collection at the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin (EFSB).

Despite the weather being rather miserable, it did not have any influence on the splendid atmosphere in the cool venue of the old Kraftwerk (power station) building in the centre of Berlin, where the EFSB took place three days from the 16-18th of January. The atmosphere was warm and hearty with an overall positive vibe amongst buyers and traders. In this positive environment we made some great contacts, new friends met old friends and exchanged great ideas, received fabulous feedback and overall had a brilliant time.
Working along side Arianna Nicoletti at our HTHT stand, we met many great people from the ethical and sustainable fashion scene in Germany. Arianna is one of the Co-founders at Aluc and now also one of the Co-founders for Green Fashion Tours (GFT) in Berlin, they organise great events, programs and tours all around ethical fashion. We met many other pioneers and wonderful people from all around the world. The EFSB is really the place to be to gain new insights, see development and meet forward thinking people, who are making progress, creating new systems, technologies, materials, changing policies in the fashion industry to create a more circular economy that is less harmful to the environment and people. The EFSB is a great place to get inspired by sustainable fashion brands and programmes from around the globe.
The show also proved once again that meeting people in person is the best way to get together, to exchange thoughts and create new avenues and build on existing relationships and have a good chat. We want to say thank you to all the people who are moving things forward for a better future in the fashion industry - well done all and everyone at EFSB! :)



Shetland Islands Wool Week

We were lucky enough to be in in the Shetland Islands during the world famous Shetlands Wool Week Festival. Here are some of our pics from Lerwick, Scalloway, Brae and Jarlshof.

Autumn Winter 2017

Bringing you colour and warmth, as the days draw in. Our new season knits are perfect for this autumn.

At the heart of our collections is the consideration of ethical production, beautiful materials and contemporary design. All our designs are made by fair trade artisans in Nepal using 100% wool. Learn more of the story behind these pieces or visit our online shop for the current collection.

Vote as you please...and take 20% off on us!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who still need a reason to vote, we're writing to you. Think one vote can't make a difference? In the last election some seats were decided by only a few votes.

Too disillusioned to vote? The direction of our country is at stake in this election; our schools, the NHS and our relationship with Europe may well be determined by how many people in their 20s and 30s turn out to vote. We need you.

As the saying goes, 'Vote as you please but please vote.'

To say thank you we'll give 20% off to anyone who sends us a picture showing you voted. Just send us a pic of your polling station, a selfie outside (or your favourite #dogsatpollingstations if you like) to our email, twitter, facebook or instagram and we'll send you a voucher code.

HTHT Pop up - E17 Art Trail

HTHT is taking part in the Walthamstow Art Trail
Over three weeks local artists and makers are showcasing their work. 
You are invited, come see us on

Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd of June

We are part of the colourful collective which includes colourful collages, photography and paintings by Rosalind King, Rita Platts, Laura Warren
alongside HTHT's new jewellery collection, knitwear and
woven accessories and garments.

Find us on the map - number 112
and find out more about the Art Trail on the website

Fashion Revolution Week

Get involved!
Fashion Revolution Week 24-30th April
#FashRev #whomadeyourclothes


Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling
for greater transparency, sustainability and
ethics in the fashion industry.

We want to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.

Quoted from:

Monday the 24th April marks 4 years since the collapse of Rana Plaza, a garment factory complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 1,133 workers were killed, over 2,500 were injured and countless families continue to be affected by the disaster.

Social and environmental catastrophes in fashion supply chains continue.
Fashion Revolution says enough is enough.
In remembrance of the victims and to take a stand against how the fashion industry operates we are asking you to get involved. Be active with many projects around the world and join the worldwide movement to question more closely how our clothes are made. Check out the website for events near you: 

Fashion Revolution events

Greenie Beanie Hat * March for Science on Washington DC

Have you heard about the protest March for Science? This march on Washington DC will be taking place on 22 April led by scientists and supported by anyone concerned about the safeguarding of the scientific community. Recent policy changes in the US have caused heightened worry among scientists around the world and this is a chance to make a public stand for the role of evidence-based science when it comes to issues such as climate change and pollution in contrast to fake claims made in service of short term corporate interests.

We want to support this march in the best way we can and so Katelyn has teamed up with her mother, a scientist in the USA, inspired by the pink Pussy hats made for the recent Women's marches, to create the Greenie Beanie campaign. You can get involved by making a hat to wear yourself or by making hats and sending to those who will be marching in Washington DC. The hats will help create a strong visual image with a 'sea of green' from those who want to support the role of science in our society!

Here's the pattern, get knitting! #GreenieBeanie #MarchForScience

Greenie Beanie Pattern long.jpg

Also, please feel free to share the pattern to help us get the word out. You can download different versions for social media here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas

We wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

For us it has been quite an exciting year with many changes. As we closed our shop doors in June it has been quite a different lead up to Christmas for us. We do miss seeing you in person, but we hope you like our new website and have been able to visit our stockists instead!

With the world being quite a roller coaster we are trying to stay steady, focusing on our brand and continue our work with artisans in Nepal. This is still at the heart of each collection we design, to make the best knitwear accessories for you to wear and enjoy.

We hope you will enjoy wearing those winter woolies forever more!

Seasons Greetings,

Julia, Katelyn and Anna


Autumn Winter 2016

Here Today Here Tomorrow is a fair trade fashion label that has been committed to social and environmental values from the very start. At the heart of our collections is the consideration of ethical production, beautiful materials and contemporary design.

HTHT is best known for fair trade hand made knitwear featuring bold geometric patterns and playful colour combinations. All our designs are made by fair trade artisans in Nepal using 100% wool. Learn more of the story behind these pieces or visit our online shop for the current collection.

Made in Nepal

Here we are again...

After returning to Kathmandu, to work on our next season and check the coming collection, I feel more than ever we are building on an even greater relationship with our artisans. Nepal feels like a home from home, welcoming and always friendly. The dark clouds (although not the monsoon rain clouds) have lifted and the air feels lighter compared to last year. Walking around Kathmandu one can see a lot has been happening since the destruction left behind by the earthquakes. Destroyed houses have been cleared away and things are moving forward. As ever politics here are extremely difficult and, as everywhere in the world, people have divided opinions about what is best to do. 

This time I am trying not to get distracted by the greater problems of the country, but enjoying the simple day to day routines and local people with whom I feel so comfortable and the dedicated, hard working artisans who keep the HTHTLabel fun and worthwhile. 

Om mani padme hum

See the whole range of our AW15 Fair Trade knitwear now in this online catalogue.

Or shop the collection online.



Made in Nepal

We are on our way to Nepal

We are on our way to Nepal

Thank you so much to all the friends and customers who made our last evening in the shop a very special one indeed. Our shop/studio space is where we built the foundations for what will be our next exciting adventure. In the last 5 newsletters we talked about how we will be moving the Here Today Here Tomorrow label forward, continuing to build the brand and further develop our fair trade work in Nepal.

On the day of the shop's closing we woke up to the news of the referendum and as a collective linked as much to Europe as to the UK we can't say we're anything but sad, shocked, and all the more determined to fight harder for the politics of togetherness instead of isolation. 

 Today Anna is on her way to Nepal once again to work with our partners and friends there. Despite the fact that Nepal has had a years of severe political unsteadiness and devastating earthquakes the majority of Nepali people seem to always have kept a smile on their face and a positive outlook on life. We will endeavour to do the same.

Next time we'll write back with news from Nepal,

Shop Leaving Party

We would like to thank you all for your support over the past 6 years and invite you to our leaving party!!

Put it in your diary...
Thursday the 23rd of June from 5.30pm - 10.30pm
(obvs don't forget to vote beforehand!)
Last week we announced that we are closing our wonderful shop/studio space on Balls Pond Road. After celebrating year after year the launches of our new collections and birthdays, gigs and collaborations we would now like to raise a toast to all the great times we had and moving forward with our Here Today Here Tomorrow label

So do swing by for one last shop shin dig, we'd love to see all of you who have made the last 6 years so great. 

Asta la vista!

One door closes, another door opens...

It's hard to believe that almost 6 years ago we were given the keys to our shop space on Balls Pond Road. In that time it has been so many wonderful things; a studio, showroom, office and workshop, a gig venue, research hub and a place for many, many cups of tea!

From the very beginning we have been dedicated to celebrating and showcasing beautiful sustainable and ethical fashion from a wide range of inspiring designers and brands, something that we feel truly passionate about - something we know many of you, our customers and supporters, also believe in! 

In 2011 we went a step further and set up our own fair trade fashion label. Following our first visit to Nepal, we met an amazing producer group who we continue to work with to this day. From a small beginning, selling knitted hats and gloves in our shop, this has grown into our Here Today Here Tomorrow wholesale brand which is now stocked throughout the UK, Germany and Switzerland. 

And this has led, slowly and organically, to our decision to close the HTHT shop in Dalston at the end of this month. This is not without sadness - the space has been our home and the journey of setting up our business has been closely intertwined with the space. But it's also a hugely positive step for us, giving us the time, energy and head space to move forward and grow our brand in new ways! Continue to keep an eye out for the HTHT pieces that you know and love going forward in all our lovely stockist's shops and through our online store. 

We'll let you know soon about goodbye celebrations and off course don't miss our special offers whilst the doors are still open through the 24th of June.

See you soon,

Katelyn, Anna and Julia


Made in Nepal

Positive energy, positive change

When working in Nepal I always feel inspired to write about my thoughts and impressions – things that inspire me and keep me motivated to work with and for women in a country facing huge challenges every day – where woman fight for equality and the basic rights any human deserves to have.

Last week I felt hugely inspired in London too. Well, it’s always inspiring but this was an especially wonderful week. After visiting the Women of the World Festival on the South Bank – celebrating International Women’s day, and attending the Woman on the Move Awards – I felt incredibly moved by all the stories, refugee women who had gone through possibly anyone’s biggest nightmares, but yet they are courageous and persevere and look forward to a better future making a change for themselves and others.

It seems that the news in the past year have been extremely depressing and the world is losing hope to become a better place. I find it extremely saddening that we only see and hear about dreadful things people do to one another.

Unfortunately ‘the news’ mostly reports about terrible stories, which would discourage anyone to believe goodness in the world still exists. It is hardly motivating when we see no light at the end of the tunnel to keep moving forward.

There are many incredible projects and people who have brought change to many people in the world. It is great to hear these motivating stories as they make us see that there are good people achieving amazing things through pulling together, persevering and believing that change can happen, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As Zrinka Bralo, Executive Director from Migrants Organise said ‘I do what I do because I have hope’, and only with hope comes change. So let’s start seeing the good news and let's be encouraged by the positive stories that are happening around us and around the world. 

I have always said how thankful I am to women who have fought in the past for equality. Without them many of us would not have the freedom we enjoy every day. They were looking ahead and, if they had not believed in change it would not have happened.

I have hope that every woman and man will have freedom one day if we make good news happen and spread the word.

Inspired by this, the winter collection we are now working on for AW17 is titled ‘Moving Forward’. Designed in London and knitted by women artisans in Nepal. Moving towards woman empowerment, peace and freedom for all.

Spring happenings in Hackney

As some of you may know we like showcasing many talented people from our local area, from designers, illustrators, artists, musicians film makers and more.

CSFA stands for Creating Sunshine for All and is one of many projects run by This fantastic project gives refugee women the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and takes them away from the many daily challenges they face. We hope this project will grow in the future and are proud to be one of the first shops selling CSFA's colourful and beautifully handmade bags and purses.

When we ran our own kickstarter campaign a few years ago we had incredible support from many of you. One being Munir Malik who is now directing an exciting film we would now like to support too. Take a look at his Kickstarter campaign -Harvest is a short horror film idea about three friends on the road to a party they will never reach. "Youth is wasted on the young."

We should all take time out from our busy schedules and remember to breathe properly. Having gone to Dalston Yoga now for years, it is definitely time to share this wonderful experience of shadow yoga which takes place in a comfortable homely yoga studio in the heart of Dalston. Paulene is a great teacher and you can check out her classes here.

2016 is Rollin

February is already here and we didn't even have time for any January blues!

As last year, we travelled to Berlin with our favourite brand Antiform to grow our wholesale business and spread our labels love to the european market. With a wonderful Venue in Post Bahnhof Berlin the Ethical Fashion Show really gets it right in terms of show casing new and exciting ethical and sustainable fashion and accessory brands. 

It was great to see some of our favourite UK stockists 69bKeep boutique, The Fair Shop and many more at the show! Thanks guys for visiting. Obviously wonderful to meet lots of other people too.

Let's not lie, a trade show is a lot of hard work but it is not to say that you can not have fun. So we enjoyed the joint party put together by Komodo, Monkey Genes, Skunk Funk, Frieda Sand, Green Blut and the Natural Shoe Store. We enjoyed an underground Berlin venue in Kreuzberg and let our hair down to a David Bowie 70's party.

Photo credit: @antiformonline

Once returned to London our very own shop was ' Shop of the week' In London's Time Out magazine. Thrilling news - it's very lovely to gain some recognition, smiles and high fives all around.

Now we continue with a smashing 20% sale on all our knitwear. It is still chilli out there...keep yourselves warm with 100% wool, hand knitted, fair trade, colourful hats, gloves, skirts, tops etc.

So better late than never,

Happy 2016 Everyone,

Your HTHT Team

Let's not stress...first gift ideas for her and him

Maybe it is still a little bit early

But we thought you might want to know, that we are here for you this year to keep the stress levels down and to help you enjoy Christmas shopping in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We are stocked with all our favourite designers who put a lot of love and care into each item they make, from garments to accessories over to jewellery, candles and cards.

Start your wish list now and we will be open everyday in December, up to and including the 23rd. Or order online with free gift wrapping if you wish!
December opening times:
Monday- Saturday 11am - 6pm
& Sundays 12-4pm

Want to knit your very own gift?
If you would like to design and make your very own gift, whilst learning how to knit on the domestic knitting machine please look at our knitting class workshops here.