Happy New Year, hello 2015!

Hello Hello Everyone,

We wish you all a very Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed your Christmas breaks, maybe you even got some snow like Anna in Deutschland?! (Always keen for some authentic woolly product testing opportunities!)

As we slowly return to the working life again, we look forward to all that is ahead of us. Each new year brings a few new years resolutions, changes and challenges!

Emma, who from the very start has been one of the Here Today Here Tomorrow team (aka the A-Team) is moving on to pursue her PhD and other interesting projects - naturally in the name of sustainable fashion. We would like to thank Emma for all her help and hard work in setting up HTHT, we wish her all the best in future - and hopefully still see her around, at least once in a while to do the bearcat dance with us!

Photo: Taken in 2011- our first Knitwear Collection together!

Photo: Taken in 2011- our first Knitwear Collection together!

Anna-Maria, Julia and Katie continue as a trio, facing new and exciting adventures with our first trade shows in Germany, showing our AW15 fair trade collection. Visit us, we love your support! We will be in Berlin with Antiform at  The Ethical Fashion Show from 19th-21st Jan. 2015. From there we head southwest to  Innatex Messe Frankfurt in Hofheim-Wallau from 24th-26th Jan! Unfortunately the shop will be closed during this time, if we could work out how to be in two places at once we would do it!

Then it is nearly February! Our Kickstarter Dhaka Project deadline! We have been working hard on getting all the details of production refined and we aim to be able to send out the project rewards to our supporters at the end of February or early March.

I think this will keep us busy for now...we will let you know how we rock n' roll on...

We wish everyone time, love, good health and energy to make it a good year,

DA DA DA, the new Trio-Team ;)