Vote as you please...and take 20% off on us!

Hi everyone,

For those of you who still need a reason to vote, we're writing to you. Think one vote can't make a difference? In the last election some seats were decided by only a few votes.

Too disillusioned to vote? The direction of our country is at stake in this election; our schools, the NHS and our relationship with Europe may well be determined by how many people in their 20s and 30s turn out to vote. We need you.

As the saying goes, 'Vote as you please but please vote.'

To say thank you we'll give 20% off to anyone who sends us a picture showing you voted. Just send us a pic of your polling station, a selfie outside (or your favourite #dogsatpollingstations if you like) to our email, twitter, facebook or instagram and we'll send you a voucher code.