HTHT Under Construction


You may already know that HTHT has been inspired by the Bauhaus movement since we started our shop in Dalston, London in 2010. Inspired by the design and people who where innovative and tried to create beautiful designs affordable for all. This year Bauhaus celebrates 100 Years from when it started in 1919.

We as makers, designers, thinkers, researchers and doers have in the years learnt about the realities of production and especially working within the realms of fair trade and ethical sustainable design in the fashion industry and how important it is that there are people who question and work outside of the ordinary and conventional business models to create a catalyst for change.

We feel, that it is important to take a moment, reflect and look back and see what we are doing and where we are heading. Through the people we have collaborated with and our customers, we have experienced some wonderful movements and changes in the development of ethical and sustainable fashion design and working with fair trade artisans in Nepal. There is still a long way to go, but with organisations such as Fashion Revolution or the dedicated trade show, Neonyt, people are pulling strengths together to work for progress and change globally.

HTHT is taking some time and space to think plan and reconstruct our existing patterns in order to make way for new projects. Whatever form they take, we will let you know, but for now we would like to thank you, we have thrived from all your support and Here Today Here Tomorrow is looking forward to staying in touch with what the future will bring.

In the mean time enjoy your spring and summer in 2019, may it be fruitful and full of delights :)