Fair Trade

Autumn Winter 2017

Bringing you colour and warmth, as the days draw in. Our new season knits are perfect for this autumn.

At the heart of our collections is the consideration of ethical production, beautiful materials and contemporary design. All our designs are made by fair trade artisans in Nepal using 100% wool. Learn more of the story behind these pieces or visit our online shop for the current collection.

Autumn Winter 2016

Here Today Here Tomorrow is a fair trade fashion label that has been committed to social and environmental values from the very start. At the heart of our collections is the consideration of ethical production, beautiful materials and contemporary design.

HTHT is best known for fair trade hand made knitwear featuring bold geometric patterns and playful colour combinations. All our designs are made by fair trade artisans in Nepal using 100% wool. Learn more of the story behind these pieces or visit our online shop for the current collection.

Made in Nepal

Here we are again...

After returning to Kathmandu, to work on our next season and check the coming collection, I feel more than ever we are building on an even greater relationship with our artisans. Nepal feels like a home from home, welcoming and always friendly. The dark clouds (although not the monsoon rain clouds) have lifted and the air feels lighter compared to last year. Walking around Kathmandu one can see a lot has been happening since the destruction left behind by the earthquakes. Destroyed houses have been cleared away and things are moving forward. As ever politics here are extremely difficult and, as everywhere in the world, people have divided opinions about what is best to do. 

This time I am trying not to get distracted by the greater problems of the country, but enjoying the simple day to day routines and local people with whom I feel so comfortable and the dedicated, hard working artisans who keep the HTHTLabel fun and worthwhile. 

Om mani padme hum

See the whole range of our AW15 Fair Trade knitwear now in this online catalogue.

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Made in Nepal

We are on our way to Nepal

We are on our way to Nepal

Thank you so much to all the friends and customers who made our last evening in the shop a very special one indeed. Our shop/studio space is where we built the foundations for what will be our next exciting adventure. In the last 5 newsletters we talked about how we will be moving the Here Today Here Tomorrow label forward, continuing to build the brand and further develop our fair trade work in Nepal.

On the day of the shop's closing we woke up to the news of the referendum and as a collective linked as much to Europe as to the UK we can't say we're anything but sad, shocked, and all the more determined to fight harder for the politics of togetherness instead of isolation. 

 Today Anna is on her way to Nepal once again to work with our partners and friends there. Despite the fact that Nepal has had a years of severe political unsteadiness and devastating earthquakes the majority of Nepali people seem to always have kept a smile on their face and a positive outlook on life. We will endeavour to do the same.

Next time we'll write back with news from Nepal,

Made in Nepal

Positive energy, positive change

When working in Nepal I always feel inspired to write about my thoughts and impressions – things that inspire me and keep me motivated to work with and for women in a country facing huge challenges every day – where woman fight for equality and the basic rights any human deserves to have.

Last week I felt hugely inspired in London too. Well, it’s always inspiring but this was an especially wonderful week. After visiting the Women of the World Festival on the South Bank – celebrating International Women’s day, and attending the Woman on the Move Awards – I felt incredibly moved by all the stories, refugee women who had gone through possibly anyone’s biggest nightmares, but yet they are courageous and persevere and look forward to a better future making a change for themselves and others.

It seems that the news in the past year have been extremely depressing and the world is losing hope to become a better place. I find it extremely saddening that we only see and hear about dreadful things people do to one another.

Unfortunately ‘the news’ mostly reports about terrible stories, which would discourage anyone to believe goodness in the world still exists. It is hardly motivating when we see no light at the end of the tunnel to keep moving forward.

There are many incredible projects and people who have brought change to many people in the world. It is great to hear these motivating stories as they make us see that there are good people achieving amazing things through pulling together, persevering and believing that change can happen, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As Zrinka Bralo, Executive Director from Migrants Organise said ‘I do what I do because I have hope’, and only with hope comes change. So let’s start seeing the good news and let's be encouraged by the positive stories that are happening around us and around the world. 

I have always said how thankful I am to women who have fought in the past for equality. Without them many of us would not have the freedom we enjoy every day. They were looking ahead and, if they had not believed in change it would not have happened.

I have hope that every woman and man will have freedom one day if we make good news happen and spread the word.

Inspired by this, the winter collection we are now working on for AW17 is titled ‘Moving Forward’. Designed in London and knitted by women artisans in Nepal. Moving towards woman empowerment, peace and freedom for all.

Dhaka Collection

We are so happy to present to everyone our first made in Nepal dhaka collection.

This collection is made using the traditional Nepalese textile dhaka. Taking up to one day to weave just one metre of fabric, dhaka combines a unique and intricate weaving technique with striking geometric patterns and colour combinations, creating a distinctive and high quality textile. 

We have worked hard with our artisans in Nepal after the two major Earthquakes in April this year. Everyone has been tremendous and strong as they continued to work in extremely difficult circumstances. The ongoing work and building up of an enduring and ethical business in Nepal is of great importance to the people we work with.

This collection began following our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.
Read more about the project here.

Each style comes in two colourways, full dhaka and black with dhaka trim.
These fabrics are hand woven by skilled artisan woman in Bhaktapur then given toanother team of talented seamstresses in Kathmandu to sew into Here Today Here Tomorrow designs. 

The collection is available from TODAY online and in our shop as long current stock lasts.

Launch Party: Save the date 8th of October from 6pm.
More details will be in your inboxes soon! 

We know who made our clothes...

Here Today Here Tomorrow has been working with Fair Trade artisan since 2011. It is never just one person who designs or makes clothing or accessories, it is a whole chain of people working both together and separately. We recognise the importance of valuing each person in the process and of building strong relationships based on trust and respect, which helps understanding from one person to another. Humans make clothes, not machines, machines are just the tools we use. Once we begin to understand this we value and appreciate so much more the clothes we wear.

Our fabulous knitters in Nepal sent us this picture, sporting HTHT knitwear pieces they have helped us develop. We try to visit Nepal every year to work with this talented group of craftspeople, to ensure we have personal connections with them and so that we can say with confidence we know the people who make our clothes earn a fair wage, are treated with respect and enjoy many other benefits of fair trade. More details here.

Anna and Julia with the knitters in Nepal, September 2014

Anna and Julia with the knitters in Nepal, September 2014

Fashion Revolution Day is an opportunity to recognise the gross inequalities and malpractice that exist in the fashion industry, to show solidarity with those campaigning for change and to champion brands that show fairer and more sustainable approaches are possible.

London Fashion Week AW15 Showroom

This weekend we're exhibiting our AW15 Fair Trade knitwear collection alongside two of Europe's most exciting sustainable brands Antiform and Aluc.

This gives you a chance to meet the designers, see the collections and ask questions about who, how and where these beautiful products are made. 

We're particularly excited to be hosting Berlin-based brand Aluc as they make their London debut. 

For buyers: In season orders and pre orders for AW15 can be taken directly on these days.

To make an appointment or request a look book from either of the brands, please email:


20th - 24th February 2015
Here Today Here Tomorrow, 30a Balls Pond Road, Dalston, London N14 AU