Made in Nepal

Positive energy, positive change

When working in Nepal I always feel inspired to write about my thoughts and impressions – things that inspire me and keep me motivated to work with and for women in a country facing huge challenges every day – where woman fight for equality and the basic rights any human deserves to have.

Last week I felt hugely inspired in London too. Well, it’s always inspiring but this was an especially wonderful week. After visiting the Women of the World Festival on the South Bank – celebrating International Women’s day, and attending the Woman on the Move Awards – I felt incredibly moved by all the stories, refugee women who had gone through possibly anyone’s biggest nightmares, but yet they are courageous and persevere and look forward to a better future making a change for themselves and others.

It seems that the news in the past year have been extremely depressing and the world is losing hope to become a better place. I find it extremely saddening that we only see and hear about dreadful things people do to one another.

Unfortunately ‘the news’ mostly reports about terrible stories, which would discourage anyone to believe goodness in the world still exists. It is hardly motivating when we see no light at the end of the tunnel to keep moving forward.

There are many incredible projects and people who have brought change to many people in the world. It is great to hear these motivating stories as they make us see that there are good people achieving amazing things through pulling together, persevering and believing that change can happen, that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As Zrinka Bralo, Executive Director from Migrants Organise said ‘I do what I do because I have hope’, and only with hope comes change. So let’s start seeing the good news and let's be encouraged by the positive stories that are happening around us and around the world. 

I have always said how thankful I am to women who have fought in the past for equality. Without them many of us would not have the freedom we enjoy every day. They were looking ahead and, if they had not believed in change it would not have happened.

I have hope that every woman and man will have freedom one day if we make good news happen and spread the word.

Inspired by this, the winter collection we are now working on for AW17 is titled ‘Moving Forward’. Designed in London and knitted by women artisans in Nepal. Moving towards woman empowerment, peace and freedom for all.

Spring happenings in Hackney

As some of you may know we like showcasing many talented people from our local area, from designers, illustrators, artists, musicians film makers and more.

CSFA stands for Creating Sunshine for All and is one of many projects run by This fantastic project gives refugee women the opportunity to develop skills, confidence and takes them away from the many daily challenges they face. We hope this project will grow in the future and are proud to be one of the first shops selling CSFA's colourful and beautifully handmade bags and purses.

When we ran our own kickstarter campaign a few years ago we had incredible support from many of you. One being Munir Malik who is now directing an exciting film we would now like to support too. Take a look at his Kickstarter campaign -Harvest is a short horror film idea about three friends on the road to a party they will never reach. "Youth is wasted on the young."

We should all take time out from our busy schedules and remember to breathe properly. Having gone to Dalston Yoga now for years, it is definitely time to share this wonderful experience of shadow yoga which takes place in a comfortable homely yoga studio in the heart of Dalston. Paulene is a great teacher and you can check out her classes here.