Journey of Jeans: An Infographic

With this infographic we attempted share a glimpse into some of the very complex global systems of garments' lives through the lens of one type of clothing: the pair of jeans. For instance, did you know that 1 in 8 pieces of clothing bought worldwide is a pair of jeans?

But even from this simplified viewpoint, is it possible to relate to statistics about millions of dollars and billions of kilos? Probably not. But by having a browse we hope you get enough sense of the truly global reach of these ubiquitous objects in your wardrobe to see them in a new way. 

The Journey of Jeans is a Cultural Institute at King's project and is a collaboration between Dr Andrew Brooks of the Geography Department at King's College London and Katelyn Toth-Fejel of Here Today Here Tomorrow and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion. Much of the research comes from Andrew's new book, Clothing Poverty; The hidden world of fast fashion and second-hand clothes. Also with new illustrations from stories of the 'craft of use' (of jeans!) gathered by the Local Wisdom Project. Please enjoy and feel free to share. Download a high resolution copy here.