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Dhaka Trousers - Black with Emerald Trim Dhaka


Women's cropped trousers. Elastic cinched waist at back, side pockets, turned up hem at ankles.

100% cotton. Hand wash cool with mild detergent. Line dry. 

Also available in silver full dhaka.

These trousers are made using the traditional Nepalese textile dhaka. Taking up to one day to weave just one metre of fabric, dhaka combines a unique and intricate weaving technique with striking geometric patterns and colour combinations, creating a distinctive and high quality textile. 

Each of our products has been lovingly made by hand. Small variations may occur between products from time to time - we rather like this quality.

This collection began following our successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

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trousers_black_back_001_web_grey copy.jpg
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